venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Macarons au pistache et sésame - Pistachio and sesame macarons

Macarons au pistache,
sésame et fleur d'oranger.
Pistachio, sesame and orange blossom macarons.
Spring it's starting officially from today and I feel so excited to smell it in the air, watching the blue sunny sky. So many thing to do in London, looking forward for the chocolate festival! What a beautiful news for me as a chocolate crazy lover's. Walking throgh the park I can see all the spring blossom trees, that's give me inspirations for my cooking or baking experiments. I miss so much the wonderful mediterranean jasmine's smell, tipical in the spring and all over the summertime, especially in the evening, when I used to spend my time in the countryside, not too far from the sea. I tried to create mediterranean memories in a small finger food, a delicate crunchy-soft almond meringue with a smooth creamy taste of roasted sesame seed and a touch of delicate orange blossom water. Orange blossom water it's a jump to the past, it reminds me happy moments when a little 3 years old Virginia, she was waiting for her father. I was very young but I've got a good "smell-memory", like a flashback, at that time my father he was working in Lebanon and I missed him so much. Still I remember how happy I was when he came back after 6 months or more. I remember when he came back one afternoon during my afternoon nap , it was summer or late summer at that time, I believe.