sabato 16 agosto 2014

Chocolate, coconut and banana cake

 Dark chocolate, coconut and banana cake
Chocolate made my day again. There's no day that I don't spend thinking or tasting or talking about chocolate, it's an important part of my life. I know for someone could sounds crazy, obsessive, funny etc. The more I taste and discover new chocolates, the more I feel more thirsty to know and carry on to keep myself updated. Such a lot things to learn about tasting, I heard that it's more complex than learn about wines, but that doesn't stop me! Need just to practice and I'm sure I will be fine. The best part it's when you
taste something new and it can be a surprise when realize how  you can fall in love with a new flavour. Step by step you are building your chocolate id (identity). Made this cake in a sunny day, relaxed myself, enjoying to watch the sun throw my window. Few ingredients mixed toghether  can create a perfect symphonie of flavours, fruity-choco-coconut, really love it! When you start to eat the first bite, you want to start again and again with another one.

-100g plain flour
-100g wholemeal flour
-250g light brown sugar
-200g greek yogurt
-125ml soya oil
-3 eggs
-2 teaspoons baking
-2 ripes bananas
-50g cocoa powder
-70g dried coconut flakes
-60g dark chocolate 70% (cutted in small pieces)
Mix together all the dry ingredients in a bowl except the chocolate an cocoa powder. After that, put together in a separate bowl the liquids ingredients and wisk gently untill combine. Cut the bananas in small slices and keep on the side. When the batter will be ready, take a half of it and add the  sifted cocoa powder gently (add some  soya oil or milk if necessary) Pour the "white batter" in a round (22cm diameter) cake tin and spoon over the banana slices, then pour on it the "chocolate batter" and add the small pieces of dark chocolate, sprinkle some brown sugar on the surface and few coconut flakes before to bake it.  Now it's ready to pour it inside a preheat oven 170' for about 35-40 minutes!

Wish everyone to find the Sun inside your Hearts,
with love,


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